Month: December 2016

Overhead Bridge Crane Types

Cranes, specified as mounted mechanical instruments used to move little and medium sized loads over a short distance, come in a variety of styles including the bridge crane and the gantry crane. The bridge mounted crane is one of the few types of cranes that can not be designed as a commercial vehicle, the other is the gantry crane (likewise referred to as overhead travelling bridge cranes). The bridge crane is made up of a beam that bridges a bay (wall to wall) that moves on 2 tracks installed on either wall.

The dimensions of a generic bridge crane might include the following: Trolley designed for optimum cross slope of 1%, End trucks created for maximum longitudinal slope of 3%, NEMA 4 weatherproofing, Cold weather protection, emergency brakes that will stop the crane in 12′ and serve as a hold down (brake sufficient for a 50 MPH wind velocity), completely bolted construction to assist in erection in addition to disassembly for easy moving, radio push-button controls and a full length catwalk with gain access to ladder on 1 leg.

New and utilized bridge cranes (which are ending up being increasingly popular as an expense effective alternative) represent a notable class of cranes which function with a wheel system suspended from a trolley that travels on tracks that run along either one or two beams that lie horizontal to one another. The beams are called the bridge and they are supported at both ends. More often than not the bridge is mobile along the pair of horizontal rails, allowing the crane to serve a large rectangular location. When it comes to a circular area, a rotary can be used.

Gantry cranes, or overhead bridge cranes, are versions of the crane which lift things by a hoist which is fitted in a trolley and can move horizontally on a rail or pair of rails fitted under a beam. Overhead travelling cranes and gantry cranes are especially suited to lifting very heavy things and huge gantry cranes have actually been used for shipbuilding where the crane straddles the ship permitting huge things like ships’ engines to be lifted and moved over the ship. In overhead, essence or bridge cranes describe a crane with a movable bridge carrying a movable or set hoisting system and travelling on an overhead set runway structure.

Overhead bridge cranes, also called bridge cranes or as suspended cranes, have completions of the supporting beam resting on wheels operating on rails at high level, usually on the parallel side walls of a factory or comparable big industrial structure, so that the whole crane can move the length of the building while the hoist can be moved to and fro across the width of the building.0